3-5 GradesMathematics

Tasks for 4.OA.A

Personal Finance Big Ideas taught in this task:

Carnival Tickets

The purpose of this task is for students to solve multi-step problems in a context involving a concept that supports financial literacy, namely inflation. This task is a variation on another task 6.NS Movie Tickets that also addresses inflation.

From a mathematical perspective, students are asked to solve word problems involving operations only with whole numbers because students are not required in fourth grade to compute with decimal numbers. However, they are asked to understand decimal notation for fractions with denominators of 10 and 100 (see 4.NF.6) and so this task capitalizes on this by representing whole numbers with decimal notation and including dollar amounts that are not whole numbers in the table. Also, students in 4th grade should be comfortable with two-column tables (see e.g. 4.MD.1), so this task gives them some practice reading information in a table. Note that the numbers were chosen specifically so that there would be remainders for them to interpret (as described in 4.OA.3).